Truck Bodies In Stock Ready To Install

truck bodies in stock
If you are looking for truck beds in stock around the web then you know they are challenging to find.

Due to the pandemic the U.S. supply of truck beds and truck bodies across the country has dropped significantly and a waiting list numerous months long has developed. If you are a company that depends on utilizing truck bodies for your company then you understand that time is cash.

Not to mention the rising costs of purchasing truck beds in general because of the company’s in ability to purchase raw materials to make the bodies or the added tariffs that the government puts into place as well as other circumstances that have spiked the price recently.

This directly impacts your business, for instance if you have a job that requires the ability to bring landscaping equipment to your job site. You do not have the luxury of waiting a number of weeks not to mention numerous months till your truck bed gets delivered. You need a truck body now because you need the work done now, or else you don’t get paid.

That affects your bottom line and more importantly your client’s faith in you doing the job because you do not have the equipment to do the job at hand.

Luckily we have both SH previously Swampy Hollow truck beds in stock plus a lot of CM Landscape body and dump bodies plus and other truck beds in stock and ready to install. If you value finishing the job right then we are here to help you reach your goal.

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